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Our Mission

Our mission is to build simple solutions that improve the event experience for hosts, fans, and brands alike.

Driven by a Better Live Event Experience

At CrowdJoy, we all come to work every day with one goal in mind: how can we help event organizers and brands find better ways to engage their audience while simultaneously improving the attendee experience? 

Event organizers know they should have a mobile app, but they have no idea how much to spend, or if their attendees will even use it. Brands and advertisers know they need to have a presence at live events, but they have no way to quantify the impact of their sponsorship dollars. Attendees know how much they love going to live events, but technology has created new and exciting ways to take that event experience to the next level.

People have been attending live events since the beginning of time for one simple reason: because the live experience was superior to anything that could experience had they stayed at home. But things have changed. It is more difficult than ever to remove people from the comfort of their living rooms to spend the time and money attending an event. 

Our mission is NOT to bring the at-home experience to the event, but rather to enhance the live event experience in a way that is unique enough that people are inspired to navigate and participate. With the knowledge that life is just a series of events, we aim to turn your customers into your fans.

CrowdJoy Timeline

  • CrowdJoy is founded as MeetBall and the first lines of code are written

  • MeetBall 1.0 launches as a consumer app aimed at helping football fans find their tailgate parties

  • MeetBall receives seed funding from founding team and private angels

  • MeetBall is deployed at 50 events over 5 months, gathering extensive market research that will shape the future of the product

  • MeetBall expands and refocuses its target market as a B2B app for event hosts

  • MeetBall is deployed at its first live events with MeetBall 2.0 at Notre Dame and Penn State football games

  • MeetBall raises second seed round led by Ben Franklin Technology Partners and launches the MeetBall Pro event management platform

  • MeetBall 3.0 launches with custom maps providing event hosts with their first opportunity to drive traffic to locations and get away from stagnant PDF maps.

  • MeetBall introduces the first suite of communication tools for use by event hosts including announcements, promotions and enriched push notifications.

  • In MeetBall 4.0 ‘Communities’ are introduced, providing a multi-event, branded app experience for event hosts.

  • MeetBall moves headquarters from Chicago to outside of Philadelphia in Doylestown, PA

  • MeetBall acquires its first paying subscribers

  • MeetBall integrates the first gamified event experience of its kind focused on brand exposure at NASCAR’s Iowa Speedway

  • Desktop and Mobile event host tools launch for paying subscriber use

  • MeetBall completes Series A funding round led by Emerald Asset Management & Severn Capital

  • MeetBall rebrands as CrowdJoy and prepares for launch of the rebuilt Event Management Platform

  • CrowdJoy Mobile and Studio CMS 1.0 are launched to provide hosts, attendees, and brands a cutting edge suite of tools for the best live event experience ever.


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