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Mobile Apps for Events and Beyond

CrowdJoy apps get fans moving with LiveCompass™ navigation that allows them to get to the people and places that matter. CrowdJoy apps offer an engaging digital community with personalized content for your audience including real-time messaging, dynamic schedules, location-sharing, and fun games which combine to offer an unparalleled experience while driving revenue for your event.

3D Maps with LiveCompass

Detailed event and venue maps make it easy to find your way around with CrowdJoy LiveCompass. With our proprietary and growing database of hundreds of event venues, you will always be able to find your way to the places that matter.

Detailed Event Schedules

CrowdJoy apps give fans access to detailed event schedules while event hosts have the ability to send updates to fans with safety alerts, last minute schedule changes, and more. 

Year Round Engagement

Our apps create a digital community for your audience, making ongoing communication and collaboration throughout the year a breeze. 

Year Round Engagement


  • Event schedules that update in real time
  • 1-to-1 and group messaging
  • Live push notifications


  • Share your event experiences via social media
  • Easily invite others to the app


  • CrowdJoy LiveCompass for GPS-based live event navigation
  • Interactive digital maps
  • Integrated location sharing
  • Find ATM’s, concessions, ticket booths and more


  • Exciting games and scavenger hunts
  • Great prizes and promotions
  • Personalized digital wallet


  • Interactive digital kiosks
  • Integrated search functions
  • Learn about sponsors and brands via web integration

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A web dashboard and mobile app combination makes creating and managing your event app quick and easy.

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