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Interactive Maps with 3D Points of Engagement

CrowdJoy is revolutionizing the way attendees navigate and participate with our cloud-based venue mapping tools. Add a layer of fun to your event with rewards-based promotions, scavenger hunts, trivia contests, and countless other location-aware games for attendees.

Reward-Based Promotions

Increase brand revenue & exposure

Challenges are designed to drive foot traffic to physical locations where participants accrue points and digital rewards that can be redeemed at real-life places. The opportunity to ‘capture’ valuable rewards increases motivation and makes the event fun. The CrowdJoy platform handles it all.

Scavenger Hunts

Drive traffic to designated locations

By highlighting key places on CrowdJoy’s interactive 3D maps, attendees are encouraged to explore the amazing locations around them or become familiar with new settings. Navigate through the crowd in and around the event venue to accumulate Scavenger Hunt points; the more places you visit, the greater the potential prizes.


Fans crave competition

Fans love to compete, and yours are no different. Your fans will accrue points by navigating to Points of Interest and Sponsored Locations on your CrowdJoy interactive map to work their way to the top, incentivizing engagement and driving foot traffic to your sponsors.

Custom Gamification

Energize, educate, and engage your audience with custom experiences. Through the use of Augmented Reality, points of interest become informative and interactive digital kiosks. CrowdJoy works with our customers to create experiences tailored to their exact needs.

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