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Custom Event Experiences at Your Fingertips

CrowdJoy Studio is a suite of event management software built for event hosts and brands of all sizes. Use CrowdJoy Studio from anywhere through the web dashboard or with Studio Mobile to create interactive maps and schedules, manage your members, and communicate with your audience within your CrowdJoy mobile app Channel.

Channel Management

Manage every aspect of your mobile app Channel


Communicate in real-time with your fans and attendees

Suite of Tools

A web dashboard and native admin mobile app

Studio Dashboard

Studio Mobile

Manage Your Events

Enjoy complete control over your event schedules. With CrowdJoy Studio you can manage everything from high-level schedules to the details and customizations of each event. Create with ease and edit on the go.

Custom Maps

Custom maps allow you to control your guests' interactive map experience. Manage points of interest and drive foot traffic to the places that matter. Use Sponsored Locations to increase exposure and generate incremental revenue. 

Targeted Communication Tools

Reach every member of your Channel with push notifications, announcements, and group messages. All of your communications are accessible across the entire CrowdJoy platform for ease of use and efficiency. 

Channel Management

Manage your branded app Channel by inviting members and creating segmented lists that make it easy to manage your audience and give them a personalized digital experience they won't soon forget. 

Year Round Engagement


  • Customize your Channel with brands and images
  • Import your attendee list with CSV files
  • Organize your fans by lists


  • Share custom web links
  • Attendees sign up through branded website
  • Get notified of who joined


  • Notify attendees of event games
  • Drive them to sponsored locations
  • Award attendees with instant prizes


  • Send announcement to specific groups
  • Start a conversation channel wide
  • Share location updates with a text message

Rapid Deployment

  • Set up your channel in a matter of minutes
  • Create events and maps in a matter of hours
  • Share with your attendees in a matter of seconds

Custom Mapping

  • Showcase your event sponsors
  • Drive attendees to event locations
  • Then help them navigate to off-site retail sites


  • Coming Soon

Digital Kiosks

  • Coming Soon

Sponsor Integration

  • New digital marketing channel for your sponsors
  • Inform attendees of sponsors like never before
  • Drive additional revenue for your event

Custom CTAs

  • Sponsored interactive locations
  • Scavenger hunt participation
  • Navigate to timely event promotions

365 Engagement

  • Promote your event months before it kicks off
  • Grab feedback post-event and promote next year's events

Mobile Event Management

The best mobile event management app for hosts on the go! Easily update event details, locations, and settings from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Real-time Tools

The CrowdJoy Studio mobile app is a cloud-based, mobile event management tool that makes it easy to provide real-time updates for your captive audience. 

Year Round Engagement

Manage Events

  • Update event schedules on the fly
  • Add sub events and change event locations

Manage Maps

  • Share your event experiences via social media

Edit Locations

  • Update venues/locations on the fly
  • Setup sponsored points of interest to drive revenue


  • Send push notifications and announcements
  • Respond to your attendees white at the event

On The Go

  • Do it all from your mobile device
  • Support for both iOS and Android

Explore Mobile


A free mobile app for iOS and Android that helps you find the people and places that matter. Easy to build, impossible to put down.

Explore Mobile

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