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Branded Web Experiences

In addition to the mobile app experience, Channels include branded microsites built specifically to enhance sharing and exponential member growth. The Location Sharing site allows users to share any location from your map, while the Channel Join site promotes your brand, events, and creates a seamless onboarding experience.

Location Sharing

Cross-platform live location sharing

CrowdJoy makes it easy for attendees to share their location at live events, even with contacts that aren’t yet on the CrowdJoy Platform. With just a few clicks you can share your location with anyone! It is easy to share other locations from your map including dropped pins, points of interest, and sponsored locations. 

Channel Join Site

Landing page for new Channel members

Looking for an easy way to onboard attendees? Use your branded share link to invite new members to your Channel or to share upcoming events. Customize your content and raise funds with our custom donation tools.

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