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  • CrowdJoy Launches Digital Platform to Revolutionize How Fans and Brands Interact at Live Events

    February 2017 \ Press Release

    CrowdJoy is taking the event industry by storm, releasing a suite of cloud-based event management tools...

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  • Wave of New Activities Coming to Iowa Speedway July 9-10

    July 2016 \ Iowa Speedway

    Value proposition focus advisor. Customer seed money iPad crowdsource product management market deployment MVP leverage...

  • 50 Chicago startups to watch in 2016

    February 2016 \ Built in Chicago

    Judging by the numbers in our 2015 Chicago startup report, Chicago tech just had its best year ever. This city was built on industry, however, so there’s no reason to think the tech community is...

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  • Doylestown tech company Meetball has created a location-sharing app

    October 2015 \ Bucks County Courier Times

    Need to find your friends at a crowded football game? There's an app for that. Doylestown technology company Meetball has created an app that allows users to find each other in the crowd...

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  • MeetBall App Helps Football Fans Find Tailgates

    October 2013 \ Onward State

    Frustrated by spending football game days on his phone, in futile attempts to guide friends and family to his specific location, Ryan Owen, a Penn State graduate, realized there must be a better solution...

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